Capturing Priceless Memories

Todd Black |

The greatest blessing of relocating from Atlanta to Las Vegas in 2019 is that I’m close to my family.  I spend as much time with them as possible.  I love having late night sessions with my father, sipping an adult beverage, asking him questions about his life, his experiences, his parents and grandparents, and just soaking in the information. 

I purchased a subscription to Storyworth for my Dad on Father’s Day.   It was so cool, I bought one for my mom, too. 

Storyworth emails Mom and Dad a question each week. They can choose what questions they want to answer, upload photos, and reminisce.  They've both written things about their childhood that I never knew about!  It's been a beautiful experience.  In a year’s time, Storyworth will print a hardcover bound book of what they've written, including their photographs.  The end result will be a bound, published memoir of their lives.

I highly recommend this service.  To learn more about Storyworth, or to purchase this for your loved ones with a $10 discount, please follow this link: