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Can Your Portfolio Withstand a Recession?

At the moment, I don’t believe we’re going to slip into a recession.  Our economy is growing. It doesn’t feel like it if you’re one of the millions of workers that is “underemployed”.  I hate that word.

Market Update for August 20, 2015

A few days ago we posted a blog post talking about the possibility of a market correction.  We don't know if it's starting now or not, but we are going to see more volatility in the coming months.

Are You Prepared for a Stock Market Correction?

We're six years into a surging bull market in U.S. equity markets. Bull markets usually last five to seven years. The stock market is valued above its historical average.  We're due to have a correction in the stock market.  Will it happen in August, September, or next year?  Nobody knows.

Why Financial Planning is an Absolute Necessity for Everyone

Why is the Stock Market so High if our GDP Declined by 2.9% in the First Quarter?

The US economy in the first quarter showed it's sharpest pullback since the recession, recording a 2.9% contraction in GDP. So why is the stock market still in record territory?

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